Personal Training

If you go to a commercial gym like Retro Fitness or LA Fitness or a Planet Fitness and you want to seek out “personal training”, chances are you’re getting $10.00 an hour trainers who can’t tell their elbow from a hole in the wall. This is NOT the way to invest in yourself or your health.
In short, you get what you pay for.
Yep, I’m bashing on the trainer companies that the commercial fitness centers hire out. The companies and the big box commercial fitness centers rely on low-quality exercise that can be administered by minimally-qualified personnel so that the fitness centers can make more money with less effort.

We are a premium service training facility…we may not have the shiny new cardio equipment with 56 settings (which you’ll never use) and a video screen and iPhone holder, 65 inch TVs, or the latest ass developer or even a basketball court or swimming pool; but that’s not why you hire us.
If you want REAL coaching and training, look no further.

Each of our highly-qualified trainer team members come with a wealth of knowledge and experience, certifications, insurance and certified in CPR.
Our team of talent each have their own specialty, from bodybuilding, bikini, figure and physique prep, to certified USAPL powerlifting coaching, Olympic weightlifting coaching, youth athletics, a fat-loss transformation specialist and #tabataworkout trainers. Not many gyms or fitness centers can boast about the talent we have.

We are very prideful and have several athletes and members who have set state and world records, they’ve met and exceeded their wildest goals and all of them pay it forward to those who are new to the gym lifestyle. We educate, we do not intimidate. We are truly “judgment-free”.
What are you waiting for? Change your life, meet and exceed your goals and discover the impossible, now possible.

Check out our trainer profiles and you’ll see that our trainers are highly qualified for your purpose. Of course, after you meet that goal, our trainers will teach you to live the lifestyle so that you maintain what you have worked so hard for.
Take a look at our team and select the best fit for you.  Click on their photo and you will fill out a short questionnaire.


Physique prep coach, ANBF President, competitive bodybuilder, and Pure Focus owner Kent Bierly. For physique/bikini and bodybuilding prep you can reach Kent directly via email,
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Sports Nutrition Certified, USAPL Certified Club Coach, general fitness trainer, and Pure Focus co-owner Chris Marzarella.You can reach Chris at or on Instagram at @marzarella_fitness_sc
College Graduate for Exercise Physiology, Youth Athletics expert and competitive powerlifter Joe Bierly
Female Fitness Specialist, Body Sculpting, and boot camp instructor Debbie McCarthy
Olympic Weightlifter and coach and competitive powerlifter, Tom Magarelli Yu can reach Tom on Instagram @tom_magarelli
Former competitive bodybuilder and physique/bikini/figure coach Rob Capp 
Fat loss transformation coach
NASM CPT and Fat loss transformation coach, Courtney Okal. You can reach Courtney on her website  and on Instagram @courtneysummerfitness