Personal Training

We are a results-based gym with highly qualified trainers, all certified with training certification, CPR certified as well as liability insured. Each with his or her specialization, you are free to choose the best trainer for your goal. Training providers offer:

  • General Fitness
  • Transformation Fat Loss
  • Female Fitness and Conditioning
  • Senior Fitness
  • Youth Athletics
  • Physique Contest Prep
  • Powerlifting Meet Prep
  • MMA Strength & Conditioning
  • Military Boot Camp Training

Check out our trainer profiles and you’ll see that our trainers are highly qualified for your purpose. Of course, after you meet that goal, our trainers will teach you to live the lifestyle so that you maintain what you have worked so hard for.
Take a look at our team and select the best fit for you.  Click on their photo and you will fill out a short questionnaire.


Physique prep coach, fat loss trainer, competitive bodybuilder, and Pure Focus owner Kent Bierly
Retired Special Education Teacher, NPC competitive bodybuilder, USAPL Certified Club Coach, general fitness trainer, and Pure Focus co-owner Chris Marzarella
College Graduate for Exercise Physiology, Youth Athletics expert and competitive powerlifter Joe Bierly
Female Fitness Specialist, Body Sculpting, and boot camp instructor Debbie McCarthy
Olympic Weightlifter and Personal Trainer Tom Magarelli
Physique and Figure Coach Robb Capp