MISSION 22 a non-profit organization that helps veterans because EVERY DAY more than 20 veterans are lost to suicide. Please come and support our veterans. All gave so much. Some gave all and then some.

There will be three classes:

  • A bodyweight of under 224 lbs will press 185 for max reps
  • A bodyweight of over 224 will press 225 lbs for max reps
  • A ladies class will press 85 lbs for max reps.

It will be held at Pure Focus on November 17th at 10am.
Winners of each class will receive supplements from MTS Nutrition.

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Every dollar that the bench press challenge makes goes to the non-profit organization.


Bench press form will be “touch and go” until failure.

  • Participant must get a lift-off from a spotter.
  • A verbal “GO” signal from the referee means the count begins.
  • The bar must start at a full lockout of the triceps, lowered to contact of the chest and back up, locking out the triceps.
  • A missed rep is when there is no contact to the chest or a full lockout with the triceps.
  • A complete pause at the contact of the chest is NOT necessary.
  • Failure is defined as the participant can no longer complete a full bench press as defined below.
  • Failure is also defined as the competitor requires assistance to rack the bar.